Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sketch Book Work.

Tailored Jacket Workshop

I completed this workshop, it was a reconstruction exercise were i had to take apart a tailored jacket and then manipulated it onto the tailors bust to create interesting garment shapes.
Also this technique is used by the designers at Junky Styling, who recycle old garments and make them high end fashion.
These are just a few garments that Junky Styling have created.

Friday, 21 October 2011

lesson 4, tight and cloth workshop.

This was the next workshop for the tights and cloth project, once we took the material off the structure we then started to mould it onto the bust creating different garment and shape ideas just by draping it over the bust.
Then we started to cut away pieces off the original piece so that it would get less and less every time we re-applied it, to help us come up with lots of new ideas.

Sketch book work.

This is work from the first makeing class, i have just done a few pages showing the process i went through and some ideas that i came up with along the way.

This was the shape exercise useing the rules that we made up, so this just shows how my shape developed.

A design that i created using my shape for inspiration.

some of my sketch book pages showing how i would incorparate the shapes into designs.

These are some sketches from the tight and cloth workshop we did. These are some of the designs that we made useing the material was created.