Monday, 5 December 2011

Finished final dress

This is my final finished garment, since I started this dress the tights have gone soft and lost some of its strength, leaving the structure to sagg and become more fragile.
I am happy with the way it started but as time has progressed the structure has gone flimsy, so if I were to do another wearable structure again i wouldnt pick the tights and glue exercise and go for something a bit more solid like the deconstruction.

Other dress I did in my private study

With the left over material I decided to try and create another garment in my spare time, I managed to put together little pieces left over from my previous garment to create this structured dress and other than sewing it this time I decided to use a gule gun, this worked better because it was quicker to make and is alot more convinient when trying to reach difficult places. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Developing my final dress.

 This is my development of my final dress, im just exploring different shapes and ways to explore how I can finish my dress off.

Private study time on my final dress.

This is my choice for the final garment that I have to create for the fashion show, im using glue and tights to create my wearable structure. I decided to use this technique because it gives you more options to explore different shapes. The 3 items I used to drape the tights over are a trolly a chair and a tailors bust, once I layered the tights up so that I had the right amount material I then covered it with PVA glue to help keep the form. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Draping Exercise

first we had to cut a piece of calico to the right size and then pin it to the tailors bust and start to add darts in to try fit it to the shape.

Centre front line.

pinned the shoulder back and then cut away the calico to the required length.

Added the two darts to the front bodice to make it fit the bust.

Then same with the back, adding only one dart this time.

And then adding the second dart to the back of the garment.

Now i have started to drape my material over the bust to come up with design ideas.

This was our draping lesson that we did, I started of by draping the calico on to create a fitted bodice pattern piece, then i started to drape more calico over the top to create different designs and shape ideas.